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The National Oceans and Applications Research Center (NOARC) is a private, independent, non-profit 501.c.3 development corporation chartered by the State of Mississippi. NOARC will develop new ways to use “Space to Seafloor environmental monitoring technologies to support coastal restoration projects focused on wetlands, watersheds, wildlife, and water quality. NOARC applications development projects are based on using unmanned airborne and waterborne vehicles to conduct coastal mapping and monitoring more effectively and at lower costs. NOARC is a unique non-profit team comprised of public and private sector partners from federal and state governments, Mississippi Research Universities, other non-governmental organizations, and private companies. By operating under the non-profit structure, this team can work collectively on new applications with shared resources and expertise to quickly yield new technologies and public services to help restore the Mississippi Gulf Coast and create new business opportunities.

We are located at the John C. Stennis Space Center in Hancock County Mississippi near New Orleans, Louisiana. Stennis Space Center hosts over 40 U.S. Government Agencies, State Agencies, and private companies in a resident, cost-sharing consortium that encourages public/private sector partnerships.

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